MIGA competition rules

Milan International Gelato Award competition – MIGA at HOST Milan, 14-15 ottobre 2023

This is an international competition for ice cream makers only. Each participant will have to compete in a test which consists in the preparation of an gelato of his choice that represents the theme chosen by the organization.


The test will be divided into two phases (practice and presentation/technique):

1. practice (gelato).
Preparing the gelato on site or just whipping it with extraction and arrangement in a tray and its decoration (optional) to be exhibited in the showcase of the stand of the fair for the evaluation of the technical jury. The gelato must be whipped on site using the equipment made available by the organization. The gelato mixture can be pasteurized on site or brought ready to be creamed. The gelato will be placed and decorated (optional) in the trays provided by the organization to be displayed for the evaluation of the technical jury.

2. presentation of taste and technical exposure.
Each gelato maker will have n. 2 minutes to be able to present your gelato flavour. Illustrating the recipe, the ingredients used and any allergens present, he must also provide the jury with the technical balancing parameters. The overrun of the time allowed will be punished with a penalty (2 points for each minute or fraction exceeded) by the race director. Outside the presentation time, the jury can ask questions to the gelato maker. During the evaluation of the taste, the gelato maker will have to distribute the gelato in 80 gram cups, without any decoration. The gelato will be evaluated anonymously. There will also be a judgment on the display/presentation of the taste to the jury also with a technical evaluation based on the recipe and/or any questions to the gelato maker.

The jury will express the votes, always, in a clear way, by means of slates.

The vote of the technical jury will have a value of n. 100 points with this weight: taste rating 60%, presentation rating 20%, technical rating 20%.


Priority will be given to ice cream makers domiciled/residing abroad and/or those at the first participation, owners or collaborators of gelto parlors, pastry shops or restaurants, who must send their curriculum with photos, indicating professional experiences, a brief presentation of their own company and attaching the recipe of the taste in competition, including any allergens present.

The organization will communicate to the gelato makers the acceptance of the application form after evaluating the documentation (curriculum, tastes, etc.) presented by the candidates.


All candidates will receive an email with the result of their application.

The list of participants in the competition will be published on the MIGA website by 30 September 2023.
The admitted participant must confirm, in writing (email), their participation in the event by also signing the release form for video-photographic recordings.
In the event of an impediment to participation occurring upon confirmation, the ice cream maker undertakes to promptly notify the organization.

The organization reserves the right to request any damages and the reimbursement of any expenses incurred.


The gelato maker will have a maximum of 30-45 minutes (it will depend on the timing of the organization) to produce the gelato, otherwise a penalty (2 points for each minute or fraction) will be triggered, detected by the race director.
The production space must be left clean at the end of one’s turn otherwise a further penalty will be scored (5 points).


The gelato maker must wear suitable professional clothing, free of any brand / brand, except that of his / her work activity.


The gelato makers are responsible for the cleaning and hygiene of the laboratory during the test period.
Any negligence can be sanctioned with a penalty by the race director.


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