The winner of the second edition of the Milan International Gelato Award


Yesterday morning, after an intense competition between gelato makers, he was the winner of the second edition of the Milan International Gelato Award.

Thirteen gelato shops from all over Italy took part in the second edition of the Milan International Gelato Award, this year’s challenge was on the theme of Dante Alighieri (2021 will be the 700th anniversary of his death).

Victory of the taste “Golosità infernale” of the Agripaestum ice cream parlor in Capaccio (Salerno) by Antonio Baratta who says «Dante hardly talks about food in his poems, but in the Divine Comedy he indulges in some culinary pleasure, such as bread without salt and the apple tree. Thanks to these two products I created my own flavour, where the apple is the dominant part, created in the form of a sorbet (always to be able to please everyone, vegan and lactose intolerant), flavored with bay leaf and cinnamon infused and variegated with toasted bread without salt (typical Tuscan bread) and walnuts which will be made into grains with the aid of the cutter and decorated with dried apples. I wanted to use bay leaves because they were a distinctive symbol of Dante as they adorned his crown, while cinnamon was one of the many spices that was introduced in Italy at that time ».

Just over thirty registrations were received to access the competition that was held last weekend on the occasion of the HOST fair in Milan, dedicated to the world of catering and hospitality.
The Milan International Gelato Award is the only Italian artisan gelato competition held at the fair.

The competition took place at the stand of the BRAVO company (manufacturer of machines for gelato, pastry and chocolate), the only sponsor, with the jury made up of Marco Levati (publisher), Osvaldo Palermo (gelato maker) and Andrea Zingri (gelato maker).

The tastes in the chellenge were some exciting and others disappointing, between low and high, however, there were at least four flavors that rose to the highest point!

The most interesting flavours: “Bella Degli Abati” and “Il companatico”.

Taste with wow effect: “The tropical poem”

For transparency, the results of the votes are published.

MIGA risultati delle votazioni

The event was organized by Renato Romano.

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